Firefox 3.5 released

old Firefox iconnew Firefox iconSee title 😀

I hope that there will soon be 3.5 compatible versions of the addons installed in my FF (especially I’m missing TabMixPlus).

One change is very obvious: The new icon (left image). It differs a little bit from the old one (right image). In my opinion it looks a little bit moderner.

Performance: I had no time for real surfing yet. However, the WordPress Dashboard (very much expensive JavaScript) seems to be much faster now.

A better Windows 7 support is still not included – no customized Jump List and no tab preview.

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MVVM Part 5: IUserInterface

This posting shows how to abstract the user interface in a WPF MVVM application. We will see how the IUserInterface interface helps us reducing the coupeling between the ViewModel classes and UserControls / Windows.

Note: This posting is part of a series. See MVVM-Library for other parts and download.

It has been some time ago since I published the last part “Commanding”. I hope you didn’t loose the interest in my blog meanwhile 😉

Today, we will concentrate on another, very important aspect: Letting the ViewModels open new Views (in fact we are only preparing for that step).

Bad solution

As the ViewModels should not know about their concrete views, it would be very bad to write code like that in a ViewModel class:

Window window = new Window();
window.DataContext = new FooViewModel();
window.Child = new FooView();


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