Threatfire and Visual Studio –> Debugging slowdown

Something prevented me from debugging!!! Why this excuse can be true in some situations.

Some days ago, I noticed that the Visual Studio 2008 debugger suddenly was very, very slow.

A simple “Step Over” took up to 10 seconds. Even worse was the performance of the “Immediate Window”. When evaluating an expression, the output was terribly slow, too.

As debugging in such a low speed is no fun any more, I had to find the reason. First I thought that changed settings, windows or plugins are responsible.

However, I did not find a “guilty” one. At random, I noticed then that during the freezes of Visual Studio, the process TFService which belongs to Threatfire caused a CPU load of 25% (which means fully loading one core on my system with a QuadCore).

I suspended Threatfire and debugging was fast again. Enabling it again made it slow afresh.

Willing to help the developers of Threatfire, I started the thread “Threatfire slows down the Visual Studio 2008 Debugger” in their support forums. Another member soon validated my problem. Until now, however, I have no answer whether this problem will be solved in the next version.

Let’s hope they fix it as Threatfire’s protective effect (at least the subjective one 😀 ) is very good.

Today, I got an answer that the odds are on that the problem will be fixed in the next major version – we will see.

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3 Responses to “Threatfire and Visual Studio –> Debugging slowdown”

  1. Andres Hernandez Says:

    There is still no fix for this. I have this problem with TFService.exe version This version is installed with Spyware Doctor With Antivirus

  2. winsharp93 Says:

    Yeah – I had to completely uninstall Threatfire after it started infering with my wirless mouse (I tried one by Logitech and one by MS).
    In addition, using Threatfire made an installation of ReSharper impossible – and those were not the only problems.

    Since they have been acquired by Symantec, their support has also really been deterioating…

  3. Beauty Says:

    With Visual Studio 2008 I had no problem.
    Now I installed Visual Studio 2010 and ThreatFire disturbs massively.
    When I run my project from VS2010 the process TFService.exe of ThreadFire causes 100% CPU load and blockades my application for about 30 seconds.
    I tried to put some threads to the ThreadFire whitelist, but nothing happens … /-:

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