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  1. argg Says:

    I just had the same issue. The only problem I’ve had so far….

  2. winsharp93 Says:

    And we seem to be not the only ones.
    In the WordPress stats I see about five visitors a day reading this posting. Most of them are brought by serach engines.


  3. Keith Says:

    This was the first major problem I encountered with Windows 7 RC1 this morning. When I googled the error, I found your site. However, rebooting didn’t work for me and I didn’t fancy mucking around in the registry too much. Lucky for me, I do nightly backups (since my primary OS is still beta, right?) so I simply had to do a System Restore to yesterday morning and everything is peachy.

    Still… disconcerting that this would *randomly* happen. I’ve changed absolutely nothing on my system since yesterday that should’ve triggered this.

  4. Vincent Says:

    It happened to me too, twice. At first I was like what??? And then I restarted, everything was back to normal, but then again this morning, it happened again. I logged in as usual, and then the preparing your desktop showed up and there it was, the default window 7 background and the notice of temporary profile pops up. I have the OEM version of Windows 7. One more thing I noticed lately, my IE8 kept on crashing more often. The browser seemed unstable or something, and the crashing report kept on showing up each time I tried to open up the browser. I did some googling and someone said that it might be a virus? that scares me. They said it might be the virus that the Chinese Hackers used to hack the OS and intergrated their own IE8 browser in it to steal info. My gosh, I’ve been using the IE8 to do all the important things online, can anyone verify if this is the case? Please hope not….I’m getting nervous..Thank you

  5. winsharp93 Says:

    Hello Vincent,

    do you have a link saying this problem is connected to virus-activity?
    You should check your computer for malware using anti-virus software; the best would be to perform this task from a live-CD so possible malware cannot manipulate the scan results.

    After some binging, I found a MS KB article saying these problems may also by caused by some software by Citrix. They talk about a race condition. However, I have no Citrix software on my PC.
    In my opinion, it’s possible that there is another race condition – and it seems that they did not solve it in RTM.

  6. vicky Says:

    i got the same problem everyday .i have to restart everytime i come back from my job login to administrator account.

  7. Peter Says:

    I have the same problem every now and then. I don’t know for certain but it seems to me that it happens more likely when I login really fast. If I take my time entering the password it doesn’t happen. At the moment this is just a guess, but perhaps someone can try it to validate or falsify.

    What about hardware and software on all the affected PCs? What do they have in common?

    My PC:
    – Intel Quad Core Q9550
    – 8 GB RAM
    – P45 chipset (Asus P5Q)
    – Intel Raid 0
    – Windows 7 Professional x64 (German)
    – ATI HD4870
    – Soundblaster X-FI Titanium (PCIe)
    – AGEIA PhysX (still there 😉 )
    – DVB-S2 extension card
    – some USB stuff: webcam, graphics tablet, card reader, printer, bluetooth stick
    – PC is client to a WHS (Windows Home Server)
    – AV solution: Microsoft Security Essentials
    – all the latest updates from Windows Update

  8. winsharp93 Says:

    Strange – my hardware:
    – Intel Q9550
    – 8 GB RAM (the error, however, occured when I only had 4GB)
    – P45 on Asus P5Q
    – At the time of the error: Win 7 Ultimate 32bit; now Win 7 Prof. 64bit
    – NVidia 9600 GT
    – AV: Antivir
    – Not part of any “real” network; only WLAN connection to a Speedport router

    It may be random: Since I enabled auto-logon, I do not remeber of having the problem again.

  9. Ron Says:

    I just bought a new computer for Christmas with Windows 7 professional preloaded and have encountered this problem 4 times in the past 3 days. Each time I have had to reboot the computer to fix the problem. This sounds like a bug to me.

  10. Du Chammas Says:

    This is happening to me in two different systems, first of them with Vista Business and the other one running Windows 7 Pro OEM. One thing that occurs to me right now is that both had users profiles restored from a backup.
    I could explore better the Windows 7 case and found out that a reboot always solves the issue. Also noted that if I first log in with one specific user, all the other logins for other users brings me the temp profile. Rebooting is the only way out of this.
    I have already tried to erase and restore that profile but the temp profile keeps coming back for other users including admin.
    Has anyone found a solution?


    (Sorry for any possible English mistake).

  11. Mega Admin Sasha Says:

    To resolve this problem, follow these steps:

    1. Log on to the system by using an administrative user account other than the user account that is experiencing the problem.

    2. Back up all data in the current user’s profile folder if the profile folder still exists, and then delete the profile folder. By default, the profile resides in the following location:

    3. Click Start, type regedit in the Start Search box, and then press ENTER. If you are prompted for an administrator password or for confirmation, type your password, or click Continue.

    4. Locate the following registry subkey:
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList

    5. Under the ProfileList subkey, delete the subkey that is named SID.bak. (meen some folder which terminates or has .bak)

    Note SID is a placeholder for the security identifier (SID) of the user account that is experiencing the problem. The SID.bak subkey should contain a ProfileImagePath registry entry that points to the original profile folder of the user account that is experiencing the problem.

    6. Exit Registry Editor.
    7. Log off the system.
    8. Log on to the system again.

    After you log on to the system, the profile folder is re-created.

  12. Roberto Says:

    Hey everyone,

    I have been experiencing this problem since last week and no matter how many times i try to restart my computer i always get logged into a temporary file. im getting so frustrated with this!

    My laptop is only 5 months old. its a toshiba m500 and it was windows 7 loaded. even when i try to go under safe mode i get the same messaged that im logged on with a temporary profile.

    ive tried all the above with no luck. When i looked in my events log and there is alot of errors. Event 7, bad blocks

    Any ideas?


  13. NickInOz Says:

    Thanks Mega Admin Sasha

    I only managed to pull half my hair out before I found your solution.
    It worked a charm.

  14. Shashank Says:

    Hi Admin Sasha,

    I have tried this. However, not working.

  15. David Says:

    I have a brand new Sony Vaio. Same problems, tried the fix but it still doesn’t work. This sucks…..

  16. Dan Says:

    Had this happen to a few users that we rolled out test Windows 7 machines to. Found that as well as what Admin Sasha did we had to go one step further and delete the profile stamp in Windows 7.

    From a fresh boot
    login as local Admin
    CTRL panel –> User Accounts –> User Accounts –> Configure Advanced user profile properties
    Find the offending profile and delete
    log off / login as user new profile is created
    Copy user data back to new folder.

    The one profile that we deleted showed as the size being 0.0kb. That was kind of the tip off.

  17. John Says:

    There is no subkey that is named SID.bak in that part of the registry. Help?

  18. Dan Says:

    In my case, if I delete a user Profile, then try to log back in, as that user, that this error occurs. Apparantely, if I don’t delete the User Profile, the error won’t appear. From reading various forums, it looks as if the only solution is to go into the Registry Editor, ProfileList and locate the SID with the .bak extension and delete all entries corresponding to the ID of this offending SID i.e. the SID with the .BAK extension (No other SIDs). Then, I re-booted and the error disappeared.

  19. Dan Says:

    Just found that if you go directly into User Profiles via ‘Computer’, ‘Properties’ etc. (win GUI), you can delete the profile, from there; and the problem won’t arise.

  20. knuckleheadtech Says:

    I realize this is a bit old but I have to give thanks to Mega Admin Sasha! Fixed and have now moved onto other problems. Thanks.

  21. Sudhanshu Malla Says:

    if computer says u have been using temporary profile then open your computer in safe mode by pressing F8 rapidly. Then you can see your administrator folder in user of participation c: inside user. Rename the create a new administrator folder and copy the files and folder for original administrator folder . Then if it work copy again to the original one. Hope this will work!!!!

  22. Suresh Says:

    If i try to activate windows 7 ultimate by using win7 loader, I got “An error has been logged to the system’s event log” message. anyone give me a good solution what it mean and how can i activate windows 7 genuine.
    My Email Id:psuresh1001@gmail.com

  23. Justin Su Says:

    I am having the same problem,too. Is there a way to fix it???????

  24. Linda Says:

    I am on a domain and when I log in it logs me in with a temporary profile, even though it created my profile on the server where I have my profile directed to via Active Directory. Any ideas?

  25. Jenny Says:

    Hi i have just experiance this problem myself now and i tried everything since this morning. I logged on as usual and saw the prepareing your desktop of course i got mad. Then that notice popped up and bam. But my files are still there but locked. Also my computer which is a compaq presario cq61 its still fairly new but recently it goes so slow. Is there anyway i can fix this? I do alot of rping on there.

  26. brian Says:

    Hi –my solution to this problem: was using the post below with a little change. i removed all the profiles except the one with SID.bak. then rename that key without the .bak. reboot and fixed!

    Mega Admin Sasha Says:
    June 17, 2010 at 12:26

    4. Locate the following registry subkey:
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList

    5. Under the ProfileList subkey, delete the subkey that is named SID.bak. (meen some folder which terminates or has .bak)

  27. the_other_mega_admin Says:

    Mega Admin is getting credit for a solution that is posted at Microsoft’s TechNet site, and my esteemed colleague is not properly attributing his work…please reference http://support.microsoft.com/kb/947215 for further details regarding MAS’ posted solution

  28. Amoz Mozez Says:

    In case where by you logged off and even restart your system and it still persist?what is the next step to take

  29. Karass Says:

    if i did what mega admin sasha said will it return my files and folders that were lost? i don’t have a backup of my files. and how do i get my folders that were lost on my desktop?

  30. Nikhil Nigam Says:

    My files are deleted when i log off specially the one that are saved in ‘C’ please tell me a solution to this :(..

  31. Emma Says:

    I have windows Xp and same thing keeps happening to me! Kept getting logged onto a temp profile, so I followed the steps to create a new profile and copied all my files over, but all my internet bookmarks are still gone and even my itunes library is empty! Does anyone know how to import these to the new profile I created? Please note that I cannot log onto my old profile properly just loads a temp profile still. 😦

  32. Disgruntled Dissection Says:

    Some lamebrain in IT at the windows7 forums claims google updater can do this to your computer…the only problem with their brilliance while they attack their main competitor is that the problem was around before I got chrome or anything google.

  33. Darren Says:

    This is happening to me as of last week using Windows 7, and yesterday was the first day I could not log on at all unless using a temporary profile. I tried the regedit method and it did not work for me. I really require a fix, and am pulling my hair out with this problem. I ran chkdsk last night although I’m not even sure what it does, and afterward I got logged in.

    Today I come home, log in, and I am back to square one ‘you have been logged on with a temporary profile’ aaargh!!

  34. Martin Says:

    My Mom is going freak out. I found all the file though but, i’m wondering what exactly does the temporary profile mean and what is the point of it. There has to be a reason they put it there or i’m just dumb with computers or something.

  35. HPUser Says:

    I tried the “Microsoft Fix it 50446” from above but it didn’t work. Also, I’m kind of hesitant of making those regedit changes. Has this been finally resolved yet?

  36. Cuasterix Says:

    I have the same problem as of yesterday.

  37. Techbox Computer Says:

    Jim –
    your link solved a ongoing, irritating problem relevant to my HP. (Pavilion G7)
    Thank you =)

  38. Lindsay Says:

    I had the same problem with my fairly new HP Omni which even after a full restore by a computer repairer and then a re-install of Windows by the computer supplier did not fix. A technician sent by HP to install a new hard drive (at that stage every indication was it could be a hard drive issue) found by the process of elimination in msconfig – startup tab that a programme called HP Simple Pass was corrupting the start up and losing my profile, he unchecked this programme, and I have not had any problems since.

  39. Muhammad Kashif Sajjad Says:

    If someone of you is facing “An error has been logged to the systems event log” he must verify, that there is no permissions set for his system drive having “bootmgr” in. The drive with “bootmgr” should be available to public / administrators with full control so the “Windows Seven Loader” could make grldr change in his drive.

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