MVVM Part 6: InteractingViewModel / IUserInteracter

How can ViewModels become nearly independant from their concrete view but still keep the control over it?
IUserInteracter can be an answer.

Note: This posting is part of a series. See MVVM-Library for other parts and download.

As the last part of this series is more than one month ago, I really have to publish this now 🙂 So please excuse some undocumented parts, unfinished classes and not working code in the MVVM-Library. I will correct it later.

Where did we breake off?

In the last part we were able to abstract the user interface using the IUserInterface interface. At the end, we could use this IUserInterface to show IShowables. However, we do not have any Showables yet – so we can not really use our IUserInterface.

What this part is about

Now we want to connect the IUserInterface and our ViewModels.

Let’s start!

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