About me

Well, my name is winSharp93 and I’m… just kidding 😉

Of course, winSharp93 is only a nickname and I have a real name, too (which I’m not going to tell, however :-D).

Why winSharp93?

The truth is: I didn’t find a better one. So I combined Windows, C# (CSharp) and my year of birth (I know – not quite inventive) 1993. In order to make it look better, I lowercased the ‘W’.

How old am I?

However, now you know that I’m not 93 years old (Maybe someone could think when first seeing my nickname… :-)), but born in 1993 and therefore 16 years old.

Where do I live?

My home is Freiburg, Germany

Where else to find me?

I’m an active member of the German community myCSharp.de logo myCSharp.de where you’ll also find me as winSharp93.

How to contact me?

The easiest way to contact me is the contact form at the bottom of this page:

You may also send an E-Mail to (insert a ‘@’ instead of the space between the ‘3’ and the ‘t’) :

winSharp93 t-online[dot]de

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