Why English?

You may have noticed the box on the left saying

“If you’ve got time, please feel free to correct the mistakes in my English. This blog also represents a possibility for me to practice and improve it.”

Why am I blogging in English when my English isn’t that good?

There are several reasons for this:

  • As already said: By writing English blog posts my English will (hopefully 🙂 ) keep getting better
  • With an English blog you can reach many more people as with a German one
  • Even people who can speak German (including me) will try googling – uhm sorry: Of course I wanted to say “binging” (as I am testing it currently) 😀 –  with English words first (as they know that this will bring up more results)
  • I wanted to try something different 😉

If you think that I should better blog in German (as you can’t understand “my” English): Please let me know 😉

I really should use less smileys… 😀

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