Silverlight 3 and Expression Blend 3 available for download

Welcome Silverlight 3 and Blend 3!

After some time in beta stadium, the final release of those products is now available for download:

The official launch will be in 38 37 36 35 minutes (the time updates will I am writing this post 😉 ) according to the launch website

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Firefox 3.5 released

old Firefox iconnew Firefox iconSee title 😀

I hope that there will soon be 3.5 compatible versions of the addons installed in my FF (especially I’m missing TabMixPlus).

One change is very obvious: The new icon (left image). It differs a little bit from the old one (right image). In my opinion it looks a little bit moderner.

Performance: I had no time for real surfing yet. However, the WordPress Dashboard (very much expensive JavaScript) seems to be much faster now.

A better Windows 7 support is still not included – no customized Jump List and no tab preview.

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