Contracts as a part of the type system? (No Interface Without Contract – Part 7)

Contracts? What are Contracts? And why are they reputed to be concerned with the type system? Aren’t they just injected into the executable? Is there maybe “more” behind them? And how should they really be used? Read this post for clarification.

Looking back

There have been ? parts of the series “No interface Without Contract?” now. It’s not that I told you everything about Microsoft Code Contracts yet and there is nothing more to introduce. In fact this will not be the last part, but there will follow about three.

If you look at the previous parts, you will notice that they are quite distanced: All their content stands – less or more detailed – in the Code Contract’s manual. Thus, you may have noticed that I did not really go “deeper” by talking about my experience using them.

What are Code Contracts?

The reason for that is simple: I did not really think about one question: What are Code Contracts?

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